DST-Centre for Learning Science & Technology (Established in 2023 under Technology Enabling Centre in University System scheme of DST, Govt. of India) | NETC-2024
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The-DST Centre for Learning Science and Technology has been established under the Technology Enabling Centre in University System scheme of Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India in the year 2023.

The main objective of the DST-TEC is to create an Ecosystem for Technology Development in Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh and provide a platform to network researchers with other Institutions, Research & Development Centre, Laboratories, Industries & inventors.

DST-TEC, RGU is primarily emphasized on the growth of North-East region by exploring untouched intervention in the technology, local market ready products and overcoming their challenge and also turned them into sturdy business potential. This centre aims to agglomerate a vast talent pool, for promotion of Translational Research which is the key concept to solve real-life problems.

The centre is trying to play a key role in making the North-East to achieve a prominent position in the global platform.

Project Activities

  • Mining of Technologies available/ developed at various Labs in the University and Partnering Institutes.
  • Assessment of technologies requirement of MSMEs in Arunachal Pradesh and around.
  • Evaluating maturity of the identified technologies (products/processes or both) for further development.
  • To carry out the Market Study/Assessment of the Technologies for their Market Potential.
  • To recommend the Pilot stage development & co-development of the Technologies with established Institutions/Industries to make the Technology as Market ready product to DST.
  • TEC will serve the industry by preparing reports and assisting in Research and Development in areas of Industry Clusters.
  • Networking with various Technology Development Institutions & Labs for refining of the technologies.
  • Periodic workshops/seminars/training in collaboration with other Institutions/ Industries/Research Labs.
  • To bring out information updated on the technologies available in different areas.
  • To bring out TEC Newsletters and Bulletin on Quarterly basis.




DST-Technology Enabling Centre was established in 2023 at Rajiv Gandhi University, located in rono Hills, Doimukh (Itanagar), Arunachal Pradesh.

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