Theme:Innovating for Inclusive Growth: Bridging the Technology Gap in North East India

The innovative ideas are calling from UG/PG/PhD students or other independent technocrats/researchers on the theme of “Innovating for Inclusive Growth: Bridging the Technology Gap in North East India”
This theme encapsulates the overarching goal of addressing challenges related to technology development, readiness, and transfer in the North Eastern region while emphasizing various specific domains such as computational sciences, AI/ML, IoT, EdTech, image/video/speech & language processing technology, agri-tech & food technology, handy-craft & rural technology, emerging science & technology, and start-up & innovation.
Participants would be encouraged to explore how technology can be leveraged to promote inclusive growth, overcome infrastructure barriers, empower rural communities, foster sustainable development, and bridge the digital divide in the North East region. The theme highlights the importance of innovation and collaboration in tackling the unique challenges and harnessing the immense potential of technology for the betterment of the region.
Idea Presentation: Individual with a mentor or Team along with a mentor can represent their idea.


  1. First Prize: 5000
  2. Second Prize: 3000
  3. Third Prize: 2000

The received ideas will be reviewed by the experts to be presented during the North-East Tech Conclave 2024. Selected innovative ideas will have opportunities to work with the experts from our partner institutions and industry partners for a six months long project to implement these ideas followed by certificates and a consolation prize.