Conclave Themes

         This conclave emphasis on various research fields viz. Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Learning Technology, Internet of Things (IoT) Tribal development products, Cyber security, Food Technology, Handicrafts, Natural and synthetic products, Food and Nutrition, Eco-friendly material preparation and Agricultural Technology but these are not limited to only.

Key Themes

• Challenges & Opportunities for Technology Development, Readiness & Transfer in North Eastern Region
• Computational Sciences- AI-ML, IoT, EdTech, Image, Video, Speech & Language Technology
• Emerging Science & Technology
• Start-up & Innovation
• Agri-Tech & Food Technology
• Handy-Craft & Rural Technology etc.

          DST-TEC, RGU is trying to make a platform, where any Science and Technology interested persons can get help for innovation, which leads to new products and services, improved efficiency, and economic growth, especially in North- Eastern regions. It will also help the small-scale industries to stay competitive by constantly improving and staying ahead of market trends. Let’s make a dynamic and evolving field in Science & Technology, which may lead our country a better future.